May 4, 2022

Working with The HGA (Holy Guardian Angel)

Working with The HGA (Holy Guardian Angel)

*** Zaahruq shares more info on working with The HGA ***

Alright -
so in
Season 2 - Episode 2 there was:
Meet Your Guardian Angel
then in
Season 2 - Episode 7 there was:
Connections With The HGA / Holy Guardian Angel...
and yes- Yes- YES, y'all - the sacred saga continues!

And since Zaahruq is obviously feeling celestially insightful
he'll revisit some of his important angelic experiences and communications.
In this cast Zaahruq shares more insight on working with The HGA.
You will most definitely learn all about the various
synchronistic revelations discovered after being held
magickally in the arms of The Holy Guardian Angel.

Now I know y'all can't
to open those heavenly gates.
Time to ascend!

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Check out this book!
Magickal Destiny: Experience The Power of Your Holy Guardian Angel
by Damon Brand of The Gallery of Magick

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