Aug. 12, 2021

What Separates The VICTIMIZED From The VICTORIOUS?

What Separates The VICTIMIZED From The VICTORIOUS?
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*** IAYAALIS shares insights to G.Y.M.R. (Get Your Mind Right) ***


Alright, y'all -
Please allow me to rep as your beloved Query Queen
with this Question of The Moment:
What Separates The VICTIMIZED From The VICTORIOUS?

More Importantly -
which are YOU?
The Victim?
The Victor?

In this podcast I offer a lil' food for thought
regarding the (LOA) Law of Attraction and Your Mind.
And - since Reality IS Perspective....
All Winners Welcome.
Let's Choose The VICTORIOUS Purview!

Eternal Supernal, y'all...!

If you have any
questions or suggestions - comments or critiques -
regarding this show - just contact IAYAALIS directly

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Question of The Moment:

Things that make you go ‘hmmm...’ –right?  (((lol)))

Well, let’s put on the ‘thinking cap’ – 
 and start by looking at the definitions of both words –a’ight…?

• A victim is defined as an unfortunate person who suffers from some adverse circumstance; a person who is tricked or swindled. 
• A victor is defined as one who defeats an adversary; 
the winner in a fight, battle, contest, or struggle. 

With a first run through the meanings of these two words it’s easy to get the fact that this simply seems to be an understanding of ‘Loser -versus- Winner.’ Now, that’s a basic concept to comprehend. Most of us can testify to a fantastic time in which we experienced the thrill of being crowned the winner. Additionally, we all probably know the disappointment of loss, if not a loser or two, what that is, and how they are. But, let’s go a bit deeper… 
– shall we? 

Once again, the true ‘Question of the Moment’ is: 
What separates the victimized from the victorious?

The victim will mention what is missing. His habit is to acknowledge whatever is wrong and all that is lacking. The victim complains and blames any one and all things outside of himself for his own misery and misfortune in life. He doesn’t seem to move outside of the problem to discover the solution. Instead, the victim places himself in the struggle enough to comfortably call it “home”. Ultimately, to a point of self-identification, the victim will focus on loss.

Victory is the focus for the victorious. Struggle is just a steppingstone to get to the win. The victorious does not waste time and energy complaining and blaming. He has better things to do – like keeping an eye on the prize and winning. The victorious knows all of life is the result of negative or positive thinking so whenever challenged the victorious stays committed to a positive outlook. Against all odds, the victorious maintains confidence while looking deep within to find the answer. 

The mind is so amazingly powerful. 
Perception is Reality and Reality is Perception. 

So- to answer our Question of The Moment: 
That which separates the victimized from the victorious is 
the power of a positive perspective. 
And there it is! 
If you focus on losing – you will lose. 
If you focus on winning – you will win. 

So now knowing all this, my suggestion: 
focus only on the ‘good’ stuff in life if you want more of it.

Focus on the victory and be victorious. 
Focus on winning and win. 
Focus on the positive.

An affirmative FOCUS is what separates the victimized from the victorious.

- IAYAALIS Kali-Ma'at Eloai