June 7, 2021

Welcome to The IAYAAVERSE

Welcome to The IAYAAVERSE

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*** The IAYAAVERSE syndicate returns and IAYAALIS shares her magickal memoirs, insights, and creativity ***

The IAYAAVERSE is a podcast featuring
the magickal and mystical real-life experiences of
a Supernal Love Creatrix – IAYAALIS.

Welcome to the IAYAAVERSE

What’s up y’all...!?!
My name is IAYAALIS Kali-Ma’at Eloai. 
I’m Creatrix and Co-Founder of Supernal Roots.
I’m an Oracle, Shamanic High Priestess, Psychic Medium,
and certified Metaphysical Life Coach.
Here my focus is simply revealing my devotion
to a life of going into the depths of The Mysteries.
Regularly at random intervals - 
I’ll share my Memoirs and Musings in this podcast -
providing a very raw and very real
personal account of my life experiences.
Right now I feel inspired to summon All my spiritual kin
who are Supernal Luminaries committed
to The Great Work of spiritual cultivation.

All in All - 
Welcome to The IAYAAVERSE!



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