Jan. 19, 2022

The Magick of Meditation

The Magick of Meditation

*** IAYAALIS shares insight on the magick of Meditation ***

Y'all are familiar with Magick and Meditation - right?
Okay- Cool. 
That's what's UP!

in this podcast IAYAALIS offers a good in-depth breakdown 
on meditation and its magickal beginnings. 
She will give insight regarding Hermes Trismegistus / Thoth /  Tehuti.
She will give quick tips on how to use the practice of meditation 
in conjunction with a focus on the basic human senses 
to increase psychic abilities and to grow intuitively.
She'll even gift us with a quick basic breakdown 
on how to just get this simple meditation thing done.

Seems spiritually sound?

Alright - 
Well, just hold that lotus position - 
and listen up!

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