April 27, 2022

Supernal Stories - Zaahruq's Mind-Blowing Initiation Situations

Supernal Stories - Zaahruq's Mind-Blowing Initiation Situations

*** IAYAALIS & Zaahruq share personal experiences in the "World of 'Woo'" ***

Y'all Ready for Round Two? 
Alright, Good
- b'cuz it's sacred story telling time again..!

So in this podcast Zaahruq is the next griot to amaze us. 
He will definitely delight and entertain us all with the details 
of his personal mind-blowing metaphysical Initiation situations. 
 🌟💣 🤯 💣🌟

We learn of the truly insane synchronistic experiences of a young man 
on his initial adventures through the magical World of 'Woo' 
that changes his entire life direction and his spiritual purview.


 - Eternal Supernal -

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