June 29, 2022

Summer '22 Divination / Intuitive Reading

Summer '22 Divination  / Intuitive Reading

*** IAYAALIS & Zaahruq give divinatory guidance for the Summer of 2022  ***

& Yes -
it's Summertime, y'all...!
But what about some divinatory deliciousness
to guide us through the summer heat?

Well, lucky you!
In this cast IAYAALIS and Zaahruq give spiritual guidance to assist.
In this episode you will get an Intuitive Reading offering insight on
how to best maintain and sustain being in Divine Alignment
the entire Summer season of 2022.

This show features a casting of the
The I-Ching is an ancient eastern book of wisdom and divination system.
It's a spiritual science that has given guidance
for well over two and a half millennia.
But just know that this kind of Intuitive Scope
is NOT for the shallow minded.
It's not a simple 'wet toe' kinda thing.
So be prepared to soak up some seasonal illumination
for a 'full-body' type of swim to go 'Deeper than Deep'...

Here we go, y'all!
Let's DIVE IN.

* Eternal Supernal *

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