Oct. 6, 2021

SPIRIT GUIDES - A StarSeed's Story (Part 1)

SPIRIT GUIDES - A StarSeed's Story (Part 1)

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*** Spirit Guides in the bedroom ***

Sooo -
Are y'all familiar with Spirit Guides…?
Another Question:
Any of y'all out there StarSeeds?
If so - you may relate.
If not - wait 'til y'all hear THIS!

In this cast Zaahruq interviews IAYAALIS.
She relays her StarSeed experiences of when she was four
and first encountered her initial Spirit Guides.
You will learn how this cosmic connection has impacted her life.
We will all enjoy the story of this modern-day mystic
and learn a bit about her personal 'Woo-Woo'.

Ready to Beam Up...?
Let's GO!

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