Sept. 29, 2021

ReProgram YOUR Mind with Subliminals

ReProgram YOUR Mind with Subliminals

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*** Get the Most out of SUBLIMINAL meditations ***

Any of y'all ever heard of Subliminals…?

Well, in this cast Zaahruq introduces 
the benefits of subliminals to reprogram your mind
Sometimes we just want to change some things 
about ourselves, our lives, our finances, or what have you. 
And sometimes we just can't seem to push it all over the edge 
to get our ideal results.

Lucky Us!
Subliminals are just the thing that can tip the scales in our favor.

So naturally we want to know how it works.
How do we get the most out of plugging our subconscious mind 
with messages intended to change us from the inside out?
Well, this is exactly what Zaahruq aims to cover 
to help us on our path to Awesomeness.
In this podcast Zaahruq shares his insights on mental reprogramming 
to welcome manifesting our desires in harmony with our ideal reality. 

So PLEASE Stay Tuned -
and get your proverbial scuba gear on, y'all...!
as we go deep- Deep- DEEP- withIN
to shift the surface situations
and Vibrate Higher!

- Zaahruq

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Learn more about Masaru Emoto and The Hidden Messages in Water
via The Rice Experiment

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