Jan. 26, 2022

Reality Creation

Reality Creation

*** Zaahruq and IAYAALIS share insight on Reality Creation ***

Y'all know we all create our own reality - right?
Alright- Great.
B'cuz- y'know-  that principle is kinda like (Law Of Attraction) LOA 101

So - 
in this podcast Zaahruq offers great insight on Reality Creation.
He gives helpful and practical tips in manifestation.
A lot of Zaahruq's info actually refers to the metaphysical principles
Frederick Dodson in the book Reality Creation and Manifestation covers. 
If you haven't read it - I think you should really check it out.
It's pretty Awesome stuff. 

In the meantime - 
y'all can always just listen to this episode to get a good gist on things.
Enjoy- and Manifest Miraculously!

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