Feb. 9, 2022

Prepare For Spring -&- WORK YO' MOJO...!

Prepare For Spring -&- WORK YO' MOJO...!

*** Zaahruq breaks down simple magick to prepare for the Spring ***

Yes, Indeed -Β 
Spring is coming.
Are y'all ready for the seasonal pivot?

Well, many of us are accustomed to tending toΒ 
all that Spring cleaning and whutnot.
But what about some simple magickΒ 
to prepare for the Spring Equinox?

lucky us...!
Zaahruq's got our back!

In this podcast Zaahruq offers great insight on how to work yo' mojoΒ 
in preparation for the Spring season that's coming.Β 
He breaks it all down in a very quick and simple wayΒ 
to offer useful tips in the practice of some everyday magick.
These spiritual suggestions are great for magickal newbiesΒ 
and wonderful reminders for the metaphysical pros.

Alakazam, Y'all...!
Let's Get It.

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