Dec. 29, 2021

Interview with Bethany Joy of EMBODY Retreat 2022

Interview with Bethany Joy of EMBODY Retreat 2022
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*** IAYAALIS interviews Bethany Joy of EMBODY Retreat 2022 ***

Come Join The
EMBODY Retreat 2022
January 29-30, 2022.

What's Up, y'all...?!!

So - getting straight to the point...
it's simply time to prepare to start this new year with a
In this episode I've the great pleasure of having
another awesome interview with
Bethany Joy.
Bethany leads courses, retreats and classes for women seeking to live
a more empowered, truth-filled and joyful life. This brings her great joy.

another opportunity to enjoy the
EMBODY Retreatis upon us.
This year - Bethany will be offering this amazing
Embody Retreat 2022
BOTH in person AND online!

Y'all know what that means - right?
Regardless of where you happen to reside
you STILL have the chance to attend.

Bethany will also provide a host of other powerful
healers, teachers, and wise women.
And - Yup! Y'all guessed it.
Look at how brilliant you are...!
YES. I will be there too.
I'm personally elated to have the opportunity
to offer all those that attend - whether in-person or virtually - 
a sacred space for a Shamanic Water Ceremony to honor Oshun.

The dates are set.
Mark your calendars for January 29-30, 2022.
Here's the link for more info and to register for this great event.
So let's gather together with intentions to create the BEST YEAR OF OUR LIFE.

It IS Possible.
We absolutely
cancreate our own reality.
So Let's Do It!

All in all though -
Yes, y'all - PLEASE enjoy this awesome interview with Bethany Joy.
And I'll connect with you SOON at the

* Eternal Supernal  *

- IAYAALIS Kali-Ma'at Eloai

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