Aug. 17, 2022

How YOU Can GodForm for Godly Results In Life

How YOU Can GodForm for Godly Results In Life

*** Zaahruq shares insight on GodFormingΒ  ***

Okay -
So are any of y'all familiar with the old expression that
we are made in the image of God?

Well -
in this cast Zaahruq breaks the magickal operation of that notion down for us.
In this episode you will discover the metaphysical meaning and practice
of how the form of our Divine essence can be realized in our everyday world.

And Yup!
It's a custom that is very natural and essentially old as dirt.
I mean it actually dates all the way back to Kemet or the ancient Egyptians.
Overall GodForming is simply an ancient Indigenous way of knowing and showing:
You are DIVINE!


Pert Em Hru!
(Ascend or Come Forth By Day )

- Eternal Supernal -

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