Dec. 31, 2021

HAPPY 2022 & Season's Greetings!

HAPPY 2022 & Season's Greetings!

HAPPY 2022 & Season's Greetings!

Both Zaahruq and I are offering 2022 Yearly Readings
and I now reach out to everyone to gift
major discounts
on sessions for Intuitive Readings and Energy Healing for 2022.

If any of y'all are interested in 
gifting yourself or a loved one at this time –
just email me =
Email before March 20, 2022 & Save Over 45% OFF!
Just reach out to get info on a list of discounts and specials
for services intended to spiritually advise and support 
manifesting miraculously in 2022. 


Shamanic Intuitive Reading & Shamanic Energy Healing Sessions
can grant YOU spiritual advice and support on important life situations.
Book a session NOW.
Get intuitive insight to help in matters of
health, wealth, love, and spirituality
to return to balance at the start of the New Year.

Again -
HAPPY 2022, Y'all -
Have an Awesome New Year!

Need Insight? Seek Balance? Desire Direction?
Schedule Your Session TODAY!

Drop Me a Line Anytime!
Call = 1-678-88-ETHER
or 1-678-883-8437

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