June 15, 2022

Evolution IS Revolution...!

Evolution IS Revolution...!

*** IAYAALIS & Zaahruq talk about Revolution  ***

Ready to Evolve?
- b'cuz it's Revolution Time, y'all!

In this cast IAYAALIS and Zaahruq share insight regarding the Revolution.

What Revolution?
Well, our spiritual evolutionary journey of course!
In this episode you will gain insight as to the very everyday way
you may choose to respond to and navigate through life
as a strong spiritual evolutionary revolutionary.

Is it easy?
Well, No.
Not always.
But y'all -
let's just fight the Good Fight
in the name of LOVE  for Evolution's sake!

* Eternal Supernal *

video to poem:
Evolution IS Revolution...!
vocals & lyrics/poetry:
IAYAALIS Kali-Ma'at Eloai / Donalda Antonia Chandler
MuthaQueen Cyphr Music
IEI: IAYAALIS Enterprises Inc.


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