June 9, 2021

A Supernal Love Matters / "the truth"

A Supernal Love Matters / "the truth"

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*** The IAYAAVERSE syndicate returns and IAYAALIS shares her magickal memoirs, insights, and creativity ***


We've got this freshΒ  framework of a syndicate
we now lovingly call the
Esoteric Podcast.
this show officially marks the rebirth of The IAYAAVERSE.

In this series I offer my various personal perspectives on all sorts of stuff.
This initial cast offers a magickal memoir or personal reflection
of my 'Real Life' death-defying spiritual journey at The Crossroads
in order to gain a greater awareness of my Higher Self.
In this show I share my past challenges in managing a major health diagnosis.
I openly share some raw, random, and real insights regarding my life journey
while struggling to manifest Truth and a genuine experience of Supernal Love.
This episode also offers a contemplative meditation by way of spoken word poetry.

And... Yeah.
It covers a

All in all, it highlights the paradigm-shifting potentialities that await us ALL
when an intentional focus upon 'The Divine Meta Mind'
(an affirmative perspective)
is chosen...

Y'all ready to go deeper than deep?
Aiiight -
Let's GO!



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the truth 


burdened by a billion whys
you flood the skies with a zillion sighs 
and though your very doubt indicts
to crucify the eye in "i"
still you wonder which way is wise...?
          do the gods ever reply...?
                     or is it all a tell of lies...?

here and now 
i draw upon my own insight
and offer it up 
in spite 
 of all another might call trite 

the mysteries
are no surprise
i've sacrificed all my life
in search for the truth i prize
to find fact when fictionalized
just to come to realize
that eve is a lillith lie

now- how bout that? 

                    jack hit the road  
                              with jill his 'hoe
                                         and told her to turn tricks
                    a soul is sold
                              the story's told
                                         first by rome's catholics
                    and if you're dealt
                              a bible belt
                                         you're catching king james' licks
                    and you wonder why 
                              i don't rely 
                                         on religious antics

as the drastic entice of drama dies
tragic traumas are trivialized
into a mere externalized
exhibit of what hides inside

i dare not say 
i'm the victimized prize of whatever fate decides
for it is i who magnetized
all thought that i habitualized
until it materialized
this self I AM 
and that is i 
and everything in my life
- right?

why not be do or die
since the all in all is magnified
by each and every choice that i 
manifest to realize 
the demand and supply of life 
                               ever last
as divine love dictates the task 
mercy becomes gratitude cast
and the answer is any and all when asked

still burdened by a billion whys
you flood the skies with a zillion sighs 
and though your very doubt indicts
to crucify the eye in "i"
          to wonder which way is wise
          to ask -ultimately- is to reply
          and it is all as you like...


are you the truth - ?
or do you lie - ?

- IAYAALIS Kali-Ma'at Eloai