Dec. 15, 2021

2022 Pathworking - The 17th Path & The Lovers Tarot Card

2022 Pathworking - The 17th Path & The Lovers Tarot Card

*** IAYAALIS & Zaahruq share insight on Pathworking for 2022 ***

Mindfulness & Meditation.
The Kabbalah & The Tree of Life.
Tarot Cards & Astrology & Numerology.
Yeah. It's a lot.
But - Guess What, Y'all?
That's Right - It's ALL Connected.

And in this cast we share insight on how to put it
all together.
We will shed light on The Kabbalah and The Tree of Life.
We will go into the Tarot Card energies
that correspond to the New Year's Numerological influences.
We will also give guidance on the practice of Pathworking.
It's just a quick crash course on spiritual sciences that may help us
to stay in alignment with our Divine Life Purpose in 2022.
Here's to Manifesting Miraculously!

If you have any
questions or suggestions - comments or critiques -
regarding this show - just contact us directly

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