Jan. 3, 2021

Interview with Bethany Joy of EMBODY Online Retreat 2021

Interview with Bethany Joy of EMBODY Online Retreat 2021
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= 💫🎙️💫
*** IAYAALIS interviews Bethany Joy of EMBODY Online Retreat 2021 ***

New Update JUST IN - 🌟🤑🌟
EMBODY Online Retreat 2021
Early Bird Discount Deadline
has been EXTENDED to 1/10/21 
& Lower  Retreat Rates NOW apply.

What's Up, y'all...?!!

So I'm just gonna jump right into 2021 and start this new season with a
In this episode I've the great pleasure of having an interview
and a beautiful free-thinking 'SiStar-to-SiStar' cypher with
Bethany Joy.
Bethany leads courses, retreats and classes for women seeking to live
a more empowered, truth-filled and joyful life. This brings her great joy.

This year - for the first time ever -
Bethany will be offering this amazing Embody Retreat online!
She will also provide a host of other powerful
healers, teachers, and wise women.

And - YUP!
Y'all guessed it.
I will be there too.
I'm personally elated to have this opportunity to offer all those that attend
a sacred space for the Shamanic activation
and Benediction of the divine withIN.

The dates are set.
Mark your calendars for January 22-24, 2021.
Here's the link for more info and to register for this great event.
So let's gather together with intentions to create the BEST YEAR OF OUR LIFE.

It IS Possible.
We absolutely
cancreate our own reality.
So Let's Do It!

All in all though -
Yes, y'all - PLEASE enjoy this awesome interview with Bethany Joy.
And I'll connect with you SOON at the EMBODY ONLINE RETREAT 2021.

* Eternal Supernal  *
- IAYAALIS Kali-Ma'at Eloai

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Happy 2021….! 

I pray that ALL is Well, Everything’s in the keep of Great Benevolent Spirits, and that everyone’s truly doing their absolute Best. May we all manifest miraculously this year!

what’s absolutely Awesome is that at the very top of this new year I’ve this wonderful opportunity to interview, talk to, and work with a Supernal Luminary in her own right. 
At this time I’d like the proverbial spotlight to shine upon Bethany Joy.

Bethany was raised in upstate New York in a very religious family. Growing up she had a deep love of God, but always felt something was off with what she was being taught. She had mystical experiences at an early age in which she was shown that “God” was much greater than one holy book or lineage.

At age 19 Bethany started to explore different spiritual paths and teachings. She was disillusioned with the greed of the U.S. and spent large portions of the next decade living in Nicaragua working in orphanages. 

At age 27 Bethany was working in NYC as a professional dancer when she was introduced to mystic, yogi and Universal Kabbalah Master Dr. Joseph Michael Levry, founder of Naam Yoga. This opened her to a whole new world of Truth.

Bethany’s insatiable quest for Truth led her study under yogis, shamans, indigenous peoples, and mystics around the world. Yet throughout it all, she was constantly guided back to her own Heart - her own fountain of Truth and Light - that we all have within.

One of her greatest times of transformation occurred through deep suffering - a true Dark Night of the Soul - in an unhealthy marriage. The gift of this challenge was a new level of self-mastery and humble empowerment. 

Today Bethany leads courses, retreats and classes for women who are seeking to live a more empowered, truth-filled and joyful life. This brings her great joy.

And – without further ado…  Please, allow me to introduce y’all to – Bethany Joy.


Embody Online Retreat 2021
1/22/21 - 1/24/21

The unprecedented year and changes of 2020 have brought many of us to our knees. And yet, it has also been the most magical, empowering year ever for many. 

Perhaps you have experienced both of these polarities.
One thing we can all agree on is that 2020 has been our Teacher. 

How can we move into the force of 2021 with GRACE?
(yes, it is predicted to be intense, as well) 
How can we harness the energies of the times, instead of feeling dragged through the mud?
How can we foster deep connection in a time of increased separation?
How can we Create the BEST YEAR OF OUR LIFE thus far, in 2021?!
It is possible... We absolutely Can create our own reality. 
So let's do it!
Join Bethany- and a host of other powerful healers, teachers, and wise women- for the EMBODY VIRTUAL RETREAT 2021.
 JAN 22-24
It's very exciting... this year the Embody Retreat will be online. 
You will be able to connect from the comfort of your home, and Bethany is able to invite even more powerhouse colleagues to join her in teaching and leading!
You will leave this retreat having embraced the fullness of your being, having the tools to initiate change, and create the Best year of your life thus far. 
It is time to activate and EMBODY your birthright to self-love, self-acceptance, and joy.
 • Naam Yoga and Meditation
 • Fire Ceremony
 • Soul Activations
 • Afro-Cuban Dance
 • Vision Boarding for 2021
 • Latin Dance
 • Breathwork
 • Belly Dance
 • Journaling
 • Sacred Ceremony
 • Sisterhood
Embody Online Retreat 2021
1/22/21 - 1/24/21

When: January 22-24

Friday 6-9pm, 
Saturday 9am-9pm*
Sunday 10am-6pm *
*ample breaks will be provided.
Where: Online! 
Detailed information will be provided after registration. 

When women come together as sisters, supporting each other’s dreams, hopes, and joy
 - the energy is amplified, and pure magic happens.

Get ready for accelerated breakthroughs and activations!
*  EARLYBIRD SPECIAL = $97 …by JANUARY 7, 2021
*  $297 BY 1/15/21
*  $497 AFTER 1/15/21

The in-person retreat sold out the last 3 years!
 Are you IN?
 Is you're Ready for the EMBODY VIRTUAL RETREAT 2021.
 Check out the link in this podcast show's notes to register TODAY.