Oct. 11, 2020

021 -Activate Autumn Awesomeness- The Tehuti 'T' -Part 2

021 -Activate Autumn Awesomeness- The Tehuti 'T' -Part 2

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*** IAYAALIS breaks down the Tehuti Principle ***

It's Finally Here.
Y'all Ready...?
It's time to complete this info saga.
The suspense is over.

In this 21st episode, I present to you: The Tehuti 'T' - Part 2.
I will most definitely make good on my word and do my Very best
to explain who and what this cosmic Principle known as Tehuti or Thoth is.
So PLEASE prepare for the bountiful breakdown...
In this cast I'll cover clues on how to peep out its operation in our world.
I'm even gonna grant guidance on how to use this force
in some simple everyday ways.
I'll be sure to get you started on summoning this Divine Sentience to assist.

Yup -
It's Fall Y'all...
As stated before in the
Tehuti 'T' - Part 1 - it's the season for it.
So - with this Tehuti frequency
that just so happens to be especially plentiful right now -
let us intentionally Activate Autumn Awesomeness.
Aiiight -
Let's Get It Goin'...!!!

* Eternal Supernal *

- IAYAALIS Kali-Ma'at Eloai

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Activate Autumn Awesomeness – The Tehuti “T” – Part 2


Aiiight – 
So if you’ve been following my trajectory - 
 you know from the previous podcast that I’ve taken some time to hail the energies of Autumn - and you should now be pretty hip to the intro info I offered regarding the natural mystic force of the cosmos currently in operation this season – Right?
 And… that means it is time for The Tehuti ‘T’ – Part 2.

Therefore, to continue upon where I left off, I feel it’s a really great opportunity to answer some questions and give some suggestions regarding the whole subject matter. And of course I naturally conferred with Zaahruq, my life partner, who just so happens to be, not my only, but my first and most devoted shamanic apprentice of The Oracular Arts. He offered me a bunch of concerns and questions that he had on things that I most definitely will bring to light as well. 

So let’s begin with a beautiful break down on what it is…

Yes –
I definitely saluted the mysterious and powerful force that Tehuti a.k.a. Thoth is – and acknowledged that Autumn is his season – welcoming this time in which those energies may be most apparent in our lives. But the question still kinda remains.
Exactly Who or What
IS  it?  

Now I realize I gave a quick kinda ‘Spirit-Sci’ intro on this Universal Principle of Creation before in the previous podcast offering The Tehuti T – Part 1… which is cool. But you may still wonder what it is in a very material, mundane, everyday way – right?

Well, to start, Tehuti is very connected to the wholistic perspective that is necessary to engender a true love for All. It’s a state of mind that embraces everything and everyone. And that is important to understand because this kind of outlook sums up an aspect of what Tehuti is as the essence of Prosperity Consciousness. And–  y’know, when I refer to this term – Prosperity Consciousness – it’s important to realize this is different than just a super basic focus on thinking and growing rich. It’s not just a love for money nor is it a thirst for riches nor is it a lust for luxury. Prosperity Consciousness pertains to a deep understanding and appreciation for wealth and affluence – yes… but also the overall principle of abundance and expansion on all levels of being. This awareness undoubtedly begets brilliance and ingenuity, produces science and art, causes knowledge, wisdom, and understanding. This state of realization that I call Prosperity Consciousness brings magick and power to life.

Let me break down it even more. 
 This force is what success is. This is what it means to be fortunate. Not the simple pleasure-seeking stuff. I’m referring to a law-abiding energy. I’m talking about a charitable hand… even a religious kind of giving like a ‘Good Samaritan’ way. This is prudence and gratitude. This is Grace. 

Consequently, it may be easy to recognize that this influence also includes the benevolent and wise cosmic influence of Ancestral energies that provide spiritual guidance and protection as we navigate through life. At minimum it’s a recognition of and respect for our Elders and tradition. This is also commonly signified in sayings and even prayers petitioning for good times in which our Ancestors are smiling down upon us.

Now in the social stream of existence Tehuti is embodied in the LifeWork of upper echelon priests and priestesses. So – no disrespect – but we’re not just talking about quick palm readers telling fortunes in corner buildings of busy streets for curiosity’s sake. I’m exclusively referring to the High Priests and Priestesses, trained Magicians, adept alchemists, experienced Shamans who have cultivated years of devotion unto The Great Work. In more religious spheres of influence, we also encounter this energy in the working titles of bishops, cardinals, theologians, and clergy members of the church. Now outside of the metaphysical realm and the spiritual industry, this is a frequency found in the work of theoretical scientists, judges, bankers, merchants, managers, and officials. This kind of quality is consistent in those that strive for wealth and advancement in positive ways. So the working of this energy requires a persona committed to being positive and optimistic, just and fair, law abiding and liberal, generous and sharing. Ultimately, this is a focus found in those with a strong moral sense that are magnanimous.

Alright – so that’s how this cosmic force is seen typically in society. 
 But of course, if I were to put my foot in your moccasins, I’d be like:
 ‘Oh---kay… that’s cool to know. But what do I with this?
 I mean, how does this Tehuti stuff really benefit me personally?’ 
– Right?

Well, think of it as a way to tap into a magickal supplement to ‘Level Up’ personally with a dose of Prosperity Consciousness. I mean – who wouldn’t want a lil’ more of that in their world? 

Think of summoning Tehuti for an advantage in life. He’s kinda like a Lady Luck Calling Card. This is leverage when you’re down and out and need a gentle but strong ‘pick-me-up’. This is something that grants consideration when your polite prayers and pleas and your genuine efforts seem to have been ignored. This is when you truly know you are in the right and you just want the laws to bend in your favor for fairness to be found. This Jupiterian energy serves to expand and open the way when you feel blocked in life.  This is that wise word that will serve to steer your course in life to meet your ideals and grant success. 
Sounds Good – don’t it?
I love Tehuti.

Y’all know my full spiritual name – right?
= IAYAALIS Kali-Ma’at Eloai.
Well, there’s actually a legit reason why I’ve Tehuti’s companion's name (((Ma’at – the Kemetic (Ancient Egyptian) Goddess of Truth, Justice, Order, Universal Law and Love))) and the name of the Angel that presides over the planet Jupiter (((Eloai))) imbedded in my self-chosen attribute. I mean – of course I’m linking my identity with that awesome Tehuti energy! Would you expect anything less out of a Priestess of The Word and an Oracle?
 uh… NO.

Speaking of me being an Oracle………
If you wanna know what wisdom Tehuti may want to impart and how that divine wisdom might guide you in your life at this time – then schedule a consultation with me to find out more. Maybe you’re at a crossroads. Maybe you feel blocked in life for some reason. Maybe you wanna find which one of your lovers you should keep and which one you should release. Maybe you just want specific guidance on how to activate and upgrade your own intuitive gift right now. Whatever it may be… just book a consultation with me and we’ll see! If we are good fit, we can go from there. Just follow the link I offer in the podcast show notes or go to my website: IAYAALIS.com. That is spelled: I.A.Y.A.A.L.I.S. Yes- that’s my name y’all… which is acronymic name that means: I Am You Are And Love IS…! Go to the site and click ‘book online’ for an initial consultation. It’s only a $5 Dollar Holla to get it goin – which means it only costs five bucks. Check this out y’all… How ‘bout I’ll offer you a lovely incentive of an additional crystal energy reading when you schedule a 60 to 90 minute session with me in honor of Tehuti and the fact that you are listening to this awesome podcast on the Tehuti T. You gotta come with that special word though!
Your discount code is: #TehutiT… again – that’s “Hashtag Tehuti T.”
Sounds lovely don’t it…?  But – mind you – that offer expires after the 31st of October.
Shhh… Shhh… Don’t Keep It a Secret! Hurry! Tell Everybody! Hashtag Tehuti T…! 
Aiiight– Aiiight– I’m done y’all…


Now back to Tehuti – right?

There are other ways to summon that benevolent force outside of choosing a spiritual name for yourself. So…. let me suggest something super easy to do first. 

Alright – the use of color is pretty freakin’ universal. They’re beautiful. We are surrounded by them. And we’re generally privy to the existence of colors at a really young age. Although most of us can easily take note of a favorite, a full appreciation and understanding of this phenomenon called color is generally missed. Metaphysically, color can reveal energy and information. And colors can be spiritually used to heal in a variety of ways. 

Well – the colors corresponding to this universal Principle of Creation known as Tehuti or Thoth are Blue and White. 

Blue is a color generally associated with spirituality, intuition, inspiration, and inner peace. It has a cooling and calming effect on the nerves and the mind. It’s simply a relaxing vibration physically and mentally overall. It’s even been regularly known to assist in lowering blood pressure and reducing a rapid heart rate. Blue is associated with the sense of smell, sight, and sound and is therefore also linked to organs like the nose, eyes, and ears. An aura is a distinct and prevalent air, atmosphere, or quality seen as emanating from a person, place, or thing. Therefore, the presence of a blue aura usually indicates serenity, contentment, and spiritual development. 

White is a color normally associated with truth, perfection, purity, cleanliness, healing, and protection. It is an inherently positive color that is often symbolically connected to goodness, light, brilliance, illumination, spirituality, faith, humility, sincerity, possibilities, and beginnings.  It’s often used metaphysically as an effective healing color for the removal of pain and suffering in general. In the aura it may energetically signify a high level of attainment or even an elevated soul incarnate present to guide and assist.

Sooo… even knowing a bit more about the colors blue and white and realizing they correspond to this cosmic force will give a pretty clear impression of the spiritual benevolence potentially available when aligned with this Tehuti Principle.
 Therefore, a quick suggestion I offer is to simply adorn yourself with these colors. It can be truly effortless to dress up in these colors throughout the week. I mean it may almost be like ‘whatever-
Whatever’ to simply put in a little additional effort by wearing some makeup, jewelry, or to accessorize with some blue and white extras. Mmm– especially on Thursday – which just so happens to be the day correspondent with this Jupiterian energy. And so y’all probably realize now why Thursday is personally my favorite day of the week!

Aiiight – so…. That was simple. 
 But let’s go in just a lil’ bit mo’…

Another suggestion to tap into this awesome Tehuti energy is to sleep with a lapis lazuli crystal under your pillow during this Fall season. My fellow Dream Alchemists probably already know where I’m going with all this. 

Facts: It’s inherently time for us all to rest up.  
As the days become shorter, our sleep and waking cycles change. Our brains produce more of a hormone called melatonin when the lack of sunlight levels shift, and the days become shorter. This may naturally make us sleepier. And overall, without a proper amount of rest our bodies can become seriously deprived of vital energies that may consequently lead to sleep problems. 

Sleep problems like nightmares and insomnia often accompany depression. Hence, many who are unaware of all this may develop a mood disorder known as Seasonal Affective Disorder or SAD. This is a mood disorder in which various symptoms of depression, anxiety, irritability, and fatigue often begin in Autumn. 

Metaphysically speaking, I know this time of year and it’s vibrational effect to provide a very natural yet strong spiritual rallying to rest and recoup. Thus, at this time it is extremely important to be silent, to be still, and to know the energy of creation withIN. In hearing and receiving Nature’s call, I feel many of us may honestly realize this as a very sacred time to simply go withIN – deeper than deep – and marinate on lessons learned via our experiences throughout the year thus far in order to integrate important energies that will assist in the process of self-cultivation. In short, it’s the start of a truly sacred season to begin a powerful innate process to grow and spiritually evolve. I kinda feel many of our erroneous post-modern ways may lead us astray to mistakenly not answer this trend to slow down and rest up that is intrinsically coded within. And so, unfortunately, we suffer. But that’s just my guess – and I digress.  

Back to this time of Tehuti – yes?

So grab some Lapis Lazuli. 
It’s a beautiful deep blue and white gemstone associated with the Sagittarius zodiac sign. This gem corresponds to the Third Eye and Throat Chakra. It is a stone that reveals inner truth and encourages self-awareness. It’s actually one of the oldest spiritual stones known to man. For generations it has been used by healers, priests, and royalty. It is a powerful gemstone known to bestow power, protection, and wisdom. Lapis offers a formidable energy to magickally stimulate psychic abilities and inner vision. It is a metaphysical jewel representing Universal Truth. It is indeed connected to Tehuti in a plethora of ways.

My spiritual script suggests placing this gemstone under your pillow to sponsor dreams that may offer insight at this time ideally to connect you to your Truth. Many of us who are naturally gifted intuitively tend to experience a rise in more lucid dreams during the Autumn season. This stone may not only amplify that capability but also offer spiritual protection from the darker or more unsettling vibrational influences one may encounter. Lapis Lazuli is awesome in this as it has the great ability to not only recognize what we perceive as a psychic attack, but it also blocks it -  returning those disruptive energies back to its source.
Dope-ness – I
The Tehuti Principle happens to be very related to this stone’s energies 
…so I just feel like it’s: ‘All Divine & Right On Time.’

So get that rock.
Put it under your pillow.
Also – Get a notebook and start recording your dreaming. 
Keep up with that.
It also assists in supporting the recall of more dreams as you go along.
Not only that – it’s just a magickal practice to take note of stuff. It helps to go back and deliberate on the messages your subconscious mind sent you. This practice is a process that will help you decode and decipher all the meaning your dreaming may bring. This method of making sense and collecting the significance of your visions is what Dream Alchemy is all about. However, it’s one thing to have dreams. It’s another to remember them. 
It’s an even further phase to create clear and consistent interpretations of them. 

It gets deeper though – of course. 

There are more ‘Levels Up’ in the metaphysical and magickal Art of dreaming. 
For instance – 
it’s an even Greater Work to become lucid or aware when dreaming, and then to actually begin willfully directing the vision. 
How so…?
Well, this is done by being adept enough to enable communication between the subconscious and the conscious mind. This is when one is able to experience enhanced dream work which ultimately stimulates enlightenment. 
 This is what Dream Alchemy is truly about. This is the stuff of gods.
 Overall, Lapis Lazuli is an awesome tool to help you get there.

In relation to dream work, this kind of spiritual journeying will offer the ability to tap into the cosmic force, the Principle, and Divine Sentience known as Tehuti or Thoth. 
 And – yeah… this is the season to get that goin…!

Exciting – hunh?

Aiiight... Let’s Get It!

Now –
IF any of y’all just so happen to be uber intrigued by the practices of Dream Alchemy and are enthusiastically interested to know first-hand for yourself what kind of awesome magick it may bring to the point that you actually want to invest in learning more…
just let me know!
And IF there is genuinely enough interest out there in regards to mastering the Indigenous Art of Shamanic Dream Work to the point a demand exists and the movement forward on thangs is just
‘too legit to quit’ – lol…   no- but for real tho’ – I’ll happily teach all I know on Dream Alchemy and begin a Premium Podcast for all those interested in getting the goods on Everything regarding it. It IS a serious path and a powerful Indigenous Healing Art that may essentially grant enlightenment and gift you with keys to access amazing expanded states of awareness.
So again – if you’re down for that crown – let me know.
You can message me via email –
Again – that’s:
I’ll even spell it – T.h.e.I.A.Y.A.A.V.E.R.S.E.@gmail.com
Or – y’all can always call – my Google Voice Line is open 24/7.
That number is 1-678-88-ETHER
Again: 1-678-88-E.T.H.E.R.
And the numeric break down of that phone line is… 1-678-883-8437

Getting’ back to it… 
however you wanna spin it –
Overall, yeah– wearing blue and white, or using the vibrational support of Lapis may be some simple things to support you immensely this season. 

Hold Up! Hold Up!
Before you go about doing all that – 
I need to mention really quickly how important your intention in all this is… 
Because without intention it’s just a simple meaningless doing. 
Yeah – 
You can wear blue jeans and a white tee all day any day but if you don’t have a true intention packed full of some kinda symbolic association for you – it’s not really anything special. 
And honie… 
you can put anything under your pillow – whether it’s some potpourri or some Lapis Lazuli – does it matter if there’s no divine being or universal sentience – like Tehuti – to flatter? 
I think not! 
This is how what you do becomes everyday magick. 
Your intention and how devoted, deliberate, purposeful, calculated, and conscious you are to doing things according to your powerfully spiritual volition is what makes you move through life in a way in which you are truly praying without ceasing. 
So petition Spirit and your Higher Self in your doing. 
I feel this is what it means to really and truly be ‘bout it versus just talkin’ ‘bout it. 
I don’t need to hear you mumble a bunch of mantras or deliver a strange speaking in tongues. Of course, if you Really-really wanna do all that – okay… that’s on you. 
But just doing deliberately and moving mindfully is supernally sacred in my book. 

And on that note - Have an awesome Autumn!

I bid you adieu…
and may the force of Tehuti be with you…!

* Eternal Supernal *