Sept. 27, 2020

019 -It's Fall Y'all- The Tehuti 'T' -Part 1

019 -It's Fall Y'all- The Tehuti 'T' -Part 1

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*** IAYAALIS welcomes the Fall Season and hails Tehuti. ***

It's Fall Y'all...!

This is truly a special time for All my fellow Oracles -
and those who happen to be especially Intuitively Gifted.
Well, It's The Time of Tehuti!
The Fall Season happens to be a cycle in which our beloved Universal Principle of Creation that is Kemetically known as Tehuti (a.k.a. Thoth- a.k.a. The Word of God-)  is way more readily accessible ...and RUNS it right now!

So -
in this particular podcast -
I break things down a bit regarding this awe-inspiring force of Divine Universal Intelligence to properly acknowledge the times and the signs of this amazing Autumn season. Of course - there's Much to cover... so this is merely Part 1.
PLEASE be sure to keep the connect for following parts of this podcast series.

And again -
Have an Awesome Autumn...!

* Supernal Love * Light *

- IAYAALIS Kali-Ma'at Eloai

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IT’S FALL Y’ALL…!!! – The Tehuti “T” – Part 1


YES- Yes- yes-
You know– it's getting chilly...
and soon enuf we'll all get the warning that "Winter's Coming"... 
 but - until that time comes, can we just celebrate the fact that Autumn's HERE…!? 

Happy Fall Y'all…!!!

And of course I did my readings... Y'all know who this is – right? 
 YES... divination was most definitely done to help us navigate through this season and sustain being in IRE or Divine Alignment. However, before I get started on getting you all on track with that- let me metaphysically bask a bit in this whole hallowed Harvest Season stuff. 

Do you remember that song?
"Do you remember…  the 2-suh’n night of September?"
My man says I can kinda come off and sound dated with age Cuz I be like- 
 do you remember…? Oooh! back then when… 
 but I mean, sometimes it's just really good to reflect upon some legendary s*** ………and if you don't know, cuz I know some of y'all are straight-up 'New Millennials' (((Yaay- Yaay- The Youth) but *Earth Wind & Fire* is the actual name of the group I'm referring to. They're legendary. If ya don’t know – Please look that s*** up! 
Their music is AWESOME.  

But anyhoo- we have now passed the definite date of the Fall Equinox - marking for us the beginning of Autumn. Some of us have hailed the Harvest Season quite unintentionally and others super ceremonially. I, myself, tended to ritual on the 22nd. Honie- I was in the kitchen ALL day. Honestly, that day I think I cooked up more than I have ever cooked in my life. The menu consisted of: beef tips and brown basmati rice, collard greens seasoned with smoked turkey, sweet potatoes drizzled with cinnamon-nutmeg-honey, black eyed peas, and a spicy-sweet apple date pastry... After cooking it up in the kitchen I connected with a small select crew of spiritual kinfolk to serve up an Ancestral Feast. We broke bread and drank, listened to music and danced, lit candles and prayed. It was good. It was a cool way to welcome in the Fall. And though that was my Supernal Way of doing, it's obviously a different stroke for different folk... and that's quite okay. 

What IS synchronistically synergistic for us All – is the fact that a specific Universal Spiritual Principle of Creation just so happens to RUN it right now. And of course I'm referring to what is spiritually and vibrationally ubiquitous – so there are so many various names for this stuff. The Kemetic or ancient Egyptian spiritual systems refer to this being the time ruled by the entity known as Tehuti. The magicians of the Western world will refer to this god as Thoth – and for instance the Hermetic teachings hail Hermes or Hermes Trismegistus. Astrologers may use their scopes to fixate upon the planet Jupiter and those that check the zodiac signs will link up this energy with Sagittarius. Those that talk to angels may summon and invocate the energies of Archangel Raziel, which is a Hebraic name meaning “Secret of God” as Raziel is the “Keeper of Secrets” and the “Angel of Mysteries”. For my brothers and sisters that honor the ancient Indigenous technologies of traditional African spiritual systems like Ifa, Vodoun, Lucumi, Santeria, Hoodoo, etc. this is a season to honor Orunmila also known as Orunla or Orula – the Orisha, deity, or spirit over wisdom, knowledge and divination. Sooo…. Step-by-step, clue-by-clue, think it through like the blues clues dude, y’all: FALL happens to be my favorite Meta-Magick time of the year.

And you know – I happen to have a particular affinity for Tehuti and the Kemetic Sciences. I’ve just a genuine high regard for the Kemetian spiritual systems of those ancient times past – not to be confused with Egyptology. It’s not the same thing. Although please don’t get it twisted. I am not what some of y’all may call a “Hotep”. Yes. Absolutely. I have studied and therefore do know plenty regarding the Metu Neter written by Ra Un Nefer Amen of the Ausar-Auset Society. And I divine with his Oracle system – which I think is kinda dope… so yeah– respects! But I’m not a devotee. And, No– my interest in the Ancient Egyptian mysteries is not due to me being a Level Two Ra Sekhi practitioner or energy worker. Although my love and support without a doubt goes to my sistah-queen Nia Ya Nebthet of the Ra Sekhi Arts Temple. And, my goodness, I can go on and on about awesome wisdom provided by amazing sages of Kemetic Science like Queen Afua and Muata Ashby. But that’s not my draw. My inherent interest and personal connection to what is now called Kemetic or Ancient Egyptian spirituality is due to my super strong and lovely lucid past life recall. I just so happen to be a fellow star seed that remembers my previous incarnations on this earthly realm and others. However, I’m not gonna mesmerize you with the magick of my past-life recollections at this time. We gotta focus! We gotta focus! 
Why? Well, because this is the time of Tehuti. 

This season and this cycle is All about going deep withIN.

Truth is, many of us are simply not given the spiritual and metaphysical basics that are key to an optimal journey through life on this realm in the conventional norms of our educational systems. And No – I’m not totally dissing Everything… because – Yes, of course, most of us are fortunate to be offered guiding precepts of reading, writing, science, and arithmetic. And this is great. However, a deeper and practical understanding regarding who and what we are as beings on a very foundational level as it pertains to our essence is missing. What’s worse, unfortunately, this interesting attempt at leaving the task of explaining life basics to religious authorities with all their various opinionated translations, specific ways of processing things, and intentional conversions is a mission simply unsound and obviously often divisive. I personally feel like it’s comparable to expecting classroom teachers to totally take on the work of parenting our children. I mean, we may socially luck out on some randomness of the Universe in seeing that well accomplished for our kids once in a blue moon – but I feel selecting that approach as an overall solution is just inept. 

I just went in – right? 
Yeah. But that’s just kinda how I feel.
Where was I?
 Okay – so… 
 Ultimately, I was on my way of breaking down the fact that – we innately are divine. Simply put, we are all made of the essence of creation. Although many of us may miss being given the metaphysical science and knowledge of who and what we are as beings, Truth is – our multi-dimensional selves hold aspects of the universal omniscience. You may call it that gut feeling or intuition. You may religiously refer to it as The Word of God. But it’s everywhere. It’s in everything. It’s in everyone – even YOU.

The Ancient Egyptians knew this force and named this Principle – Tehuti.  

So let’s just go into this Universal Principle of Creation a bit.
Like I said before – it’s the season for this energy.
 The ancients knew this to be a force of Father God or The Divine Masculine. Meaning this natural energy is not of and kept in receptivity, it is a force that is active and assertive. Tehuti is the fulfillment of spiritual sciences. On a more individual level, I feel it is like the choice of the intellect to surrender and make way for the deeper mind to penetrate or go into The Mysteries. This is kinda like when folk say:
“I can’t explain it. But I know deep down inside this much is true.” And I’m almost certain everyone has had that kinda experience of inner knowing at least once in life. That is the presence of what this force is. 

Aiiight– so let’s just go in a little more…
 I realize many of you spiritual folk are familiar with the name of the god Thoth – especially my fellow magicians out there. However, my thing is kinda Sankofa-ish. Like ‘The Scientist’ of
Coldplay, I like to “go back to the start”. I’m all about the Indigenous beginnings and the origins of the magickal spiritual systems I use. So on that note, it’s worth mentioning the fact that the name of the god now referred to as Thoth comes from “Tehu” (spelled: T- E- H- U-) which is the oldest Egyptian name for the Ibis bird. Tehuti is one of the most powerful gods worshiped by Ancient Egyptians. A Neter or deity not born from any god, he is respectfully known as the “Master of divine words and sacred writings.” To quote from The Book of Doors divination deck and Alchemical Oracle from Ancient Egypt by Veggi and Davidson, “Above all, Tehuti is divine intelligence, the universal mind with all of its powers of speech and creation.” 

This info may have special importance for any of you out there like myself who are Oracles and have been particularly intuitively gifted with what African shamans call “The Power of the Spoken Word.” I recently learned this supernatural talent is what the Ifa spiritual traditions refer to as Obara. Tehuti is present when the mind is centered in the heart and the Cosmic Law, known by the Kemetians as Ma’at, is noted and revered. He keeps the sacred ledger of the Akash. These Akashic Records are what is mystically infused within and accessible to those of us who are Oracles. The word received via divination, the work of being a mediator between the cosmos and all on earth, the primordial power to reflect and manipulate vital life-giving energies onto the earth to help maintain balance in the whole ebb and flow of life… this is Tehuti. 

This Universal Principle of Creation is Lord of all knowledge and understanding, the inventor of all arts and sciences. I mean I can go on and on and on… but in gist: Tehuti is The Cosmic Mind, The Meditation, The Muse, The Mediation, The Medicine, The Magick, The Mysteries.

Now of course there are many practical ways to cultivate and enhance your connection to Tehuti – this supernatural power of Universal Intelligence. However, whether or not you have mastered your intuitive talent or not – it exists and is there for us All. Generally speaking though, the overall point I really wanna make right now – 
 is the fact that this Fall Season, y’all…? 
 It is The Time in which we can all more readily tap into that force. 

 And exactly how is that done – right?

Stay tuned for Part Two, y’all – 
 I’ll be back to break it all down…
 So if you wanna get my MetaMagick T on Tehuti  – 
 I’ll be sure to school y’all on the benefits in connecting with this force this Fall 
 in a very DIY every day way. 
 …in a bit!

*  Supernal Love & Light  *

-       IAYAALIS Kali-Ma’at Eloai