Sept. 20, 2020

018 - Happy Harvest Season!

018 - Happy Harvest Season!

= 💫🎙️💫
*** IAYAALIS celebrates and summons the new Harvest Season ***


It's Time to Reap what we've sown - so....
Let's Celebrate.

I wanna Bliss you out a bit and welcome this new season with a lil' Benediction.
In this cast I offer one of my more uplifting songs called -
Rep & Enlight
and a bunch of affirmative words with the intention to powerfully call forth
the Greatest Good for ALL.


- IAYAALIS Kali-Ma'at Eloai

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Happy Harvest!

Whether this past Full Piscean Harvest Moon has you going deep within or going through full blown emotional spins… whether you salute the fresh cool rains and winds with gratitude knowing the Corn Mother (also known as the most honored ‘Mother’ Goddess Selu by the Cherokee Indians) is surely bout to bliss you with that bounty… whether you check your gardens and know it's truly time to weed out the old and rack in all that new growth coming through… whether you begin to  prepare your heart and mind for processing all the ancient prayers or sacred words of power to activate the energies of the Divine revelations that are most definitely to come by way of the Sheps or Ancestors and Tehuti (also known as Thoth to the modern day magicians)… or whether you know to acknowledge the astrological fact that Jupiter, the Great Benefic, is now moving direct again… or whether you just excitedly welcome in a new time of learning and a switch in your routine as the plans to go back to school begins again… whatever the tether - however the endeavor - no doubt the Harvest Season is here!

This is Harvest Time. 

This is a great time for the hunt... a time to release and let go in order to gather in all the good resources… a time to begin to cash in on investments… a time to be grateful, to share, and to give… a time to acknowledge the abundance of life - with all its gifts, lessons, opportunities, challenges and experiences… a time to reap what we have sown... a time full of wisdom, intuition, and magick… 

This Harvest Season I invite us ALL to: enjoy the hunt, be respectfully resourceful, be genuinely grateful, activate abundance, allow affluence, Go Big and Give Great, gift generously, dream of the Divine, honor our Ori or Higher Self, revere our Ancestors, listen to our spiritual allies, trust our teachers, open the way and move in Divine Alignment, be inspired, maintain motivation, go with the flow, dream the dream yet do the work with due diligence, stay strong and self-determined with strong volition, release the irrelevant with ease, drop the doubt, feed the faith, hold the hope, love the light and enlight with love, connect with community and share socially, lead lovingly and progressively pioneer yet know when- what- and who- to follow, focus on the one and follow through, concretize and come to completion agreeably, maintain movement forward into the future yet remain ever present, feel the fervor but be bout that balance, query and quest yet know when to rest, give credence to your own good genius, work smarter not harder, harbor healthier habits, sustain new safe and sacred spiritual systems that truly serve……

May we all free our minds, 
open our hearts, 
hear our guides, 
see our dreams, 
speak our truths……!