Sept. 17, 2020

017 - Guess Who's Back?!

017 - Guess Who's Back?!

= 💫🎙️💫
*** IAYAALIS is Back to Drop The 411 on Podcast Plans & Upgrades ***

Sorry, y'all!
I know I kinda went M.I.A. on ya
and word on the street says it was due to 'Podfade'
- but -
((( Fake News - Fake News )))

Truth IS... ya' gyrl got busy.
Then I received my
Hand of Ifa *
and simply chose to take some personal time off to re-integrate.
but - I
never-everstopped thinking about y'all...!

So NOW - I'm Back.
And after much meditation and divine deliberation
I come Refined and Ready to UpGrade Ya!

In this magnificent mind-bending 17th episode:
I will share with you five things:
1.    Reasons for my absence, where I’ve been, and where I am NOW
2.    My Passion and True Purpose for creating this Podcast
3.    My Ideas on how I plan to make this cast more Interactive
4.    Why I have chosen to offer additional Premium Podcasts
5.    News about my upcoming courses on Metaphysics & Magick 

Ready to get it goin'...?!?
Aiight - Let's DO IT.

* Happy Harvest Season! *


* Hand of Ifa is a sacred rite of traditional African spiritual sciences. The Hand of Ifa ceremony, also known as Ise’fa, is a one- to three-day process. It is an intense spiritual ritual to provide protection, improvement in life circumstances and in essence, to offer the blueprint of one’s life prior to full initiation. Receiving Ise’fa is the beginning of formal Ifa education, training, and full initiation into one of the most powerful traditional African spiritual systems known.

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Greetings Everyone –
Happy Harvest Moon!
It’s IAYAALIS Kali-Ma’at Eloai… 
Welcome to The IAYAAVERSE.

So… at this time I wanna do things a lil different.

First things First – let’s begin with an update of where I am NOW.
 And then follow up with a bit of info regarding The IAYAAVERSE podcast moving forward. So Please stay tuned as I inform you all on the ‘deets’ aka details regarding my prolonged absence up until now and how The IAYAAVERSE will be getting a much-needed UPGRADE. 

Ready? Let’s Go.




So….  As you may already realize this is Podcast #17.


And - during this lovely cast I will share with you five things:

1.    Reasons for my absence, where I’ve been, and where I am now
2.    My Passion and True Purpose for creating this Podcast
3.    My Ideas on how I plan to make this cast more interactive
4.    Why I have chosen to offer additional Premium Podcasts
5.    The new News about my upcoming courses on Metaphysics and Magick 

So – Let’s Get It!




#1: “What happened to you…!”

Yes – Let’s go into:
the Reasons for my absence, where I’ve been, and where I am NOW. 

So there’s talk about this podcast burn-out thing – the actual name for it is: PODFADE.

Definition: when a show gradually stops releasing new episodes, and eventually falls off the map altogether.

Is this what happened to The IAYAAVERSE???

I mean – you could say that – I guess… But – NO.

The Real Deal in THIS situation is just the fact that my life got super busy – and then – there occurred for me personally this very Interesting, Very Sacred – Paradigm Shift… in which afterwards I personally invested the time and energy to get into and start up a full process of Integration. What am I speaking about – right? ‘Cuz that was kinda vague. So – truthfully I experienced a lot of ebbs and flows regarding my health – and I took what I felt was the necessary time to tend to some appropriate self-care. I kinda have this tendency to give and give and give sooooo much – maybe at times too much – to my family and my clients without balancing out what I need to offer myself. Due to that – I can get drained. So I Really needed some rest and to catch up on some sleep. And of course – when I go through things – I divine. I ask SPIRIT: What’s Up? – right? And I got answers – of course. After an interesting series of D’Ifa Readings and Ebos – for those of you that do not know – this is basically the process of getting powerfully exact readings for guidance in life via a priest or priestess trained in the traditional African ritual systems and sciences.  Ahhh- so, now some of y’all may ask: what’s up? Didn’t you divine for yourself? Why didn’t you do your own stuff? And my response to that is simply the fact that an objective view is often needed – and – in my case – very welcomed. I mean, of course – I did my own divination and casting to get messages from SPIRIT. But – I also sought some good Third-Party Guidance. When I did… I discovered that the personal call for me to be further initiated into the Mysteries was called for again – and it really wasn’t something for me to postpone or ignore. Of course there was a necessary investment and an energy exchange. So I prayed on it and then whalla – you know these Rona Times can gift some businesses and people financially – and – Thankfully - I was gifted in that way. With the extra, I re-invested in getting ALL the Sacred Ceremonies and Sacrifices done… and – long-Long-LONG story short, officially received my Hand of Ifa.

 Y’all – I just have to say – for ME… that process was Major. Therefore, afterwards – I simply took the personally needed time to Integrate and Re-Adjust so that I can come effectively back into the practice of my own everyday Magick. 
And… da-ta-Dah! 
Here I AM. 
So… maybe you will still call that PODFADE. 
But for me it was a Journey into something just much more Deeper to be Re-Born into a Better Version much more stronger and spiritually aligned.

 And NOW: I’m Read’ To GO!


#2: My Passion and True Purpose for creating this Podcast

So – what your ears are currently feasting upon is a Prophetic Podcast called The IAYAAVERSE.  Of course, your next question may be: what is a Prophetic Podcast? –right?
 Okay. So to break it down a bit. 
 As an Oracle and Priestess of The Word - Prophecy is just kinda my thang. 

The definition of the word prophecy is: a prediction of something to come. It is also defined to be the divinely inspired expressions or revelations of a person that practices divination or one who has magickal powers. So in gist, prophecy is simply the job function or action of an Oracle. I personally use a gambit of divinatory tools to get my job done and this podcast is presently my preferred platform to get the word out. Hence, The IAYAAVERSE being a Prophetic Podcast. 
My intention is to provide a very raw and very real personal account of my spiritual life experiences. In my opinion testimony is an immensely powerful way to connect with, inspire, and guide others. Sooo… that’s what I’m doing - because that’s what I’m about. I feel uber passionate about spiritually guiding, inspiring, and teaching all I know in various ways to the best of my ability. My true purpose with all this is just to share creatively and genuinely with an open heart. 
All in All – 
The IAYAAVERSE is for all my spiritual kin committed to The Great Work of growing spiritually.

 All right – now with that said, before we move on to the next point… 
 allow me to share a bit about the value of getting guidance by way of a reading with me.

Brace yourselves – here’s my lovely opportunity to plug my LifeWork:




So many of you may or may not already know, but I want to take a quick moment to tell you a bit about the Benefit of receiving an Shamanic Intuitive Reading. Sometimes you may feel stuck in your life or find that you are incurring the same obstacles over and over almost like a bad dream.  Receiving a Shamanic Intuitive Reading can provide clarity and direction when you are lost. The readings I give also offer personalized Spiritual Prescriptions and Treatments to help you emerge victorious from your current problems. It is a Metaphysical and Magickal way to help you make your next move your best move. Most Importantly though – it is meant to provide you essential keys and the guidance to connect you to the voice of your Higher Self. This is all to open the way for you to get word from Spirit on how to best proceed in manifesting ideally in life. Because honestly, that’s what it’s all about: You finding what is Best for YOU. So IF you feel you a little insight at the moment – then follow my link to provided in the show notes and book a free consultation to see if we’re a good fit to work together.  


Now – let’s get back to the show….


#3: My Ideas on how I plan to make this cast more Interactive 

Yeah - 
 I got ideas. 
Lots of ‘em…!

I also took some time to do my due diligence. I researched the hell outta stuff to think on the best ways to offer content in a way that grows a strong spiritual community. A lotta people call it Tribe. Y’know… Though I’m smitten by the whole concept – I’m honestly not sure that I’m in total love with that name – TRIBE… For me, being a Priestess of The Word – words are EVERYTHANG. So – yes – it means the same thing: a clan, a family, a society, etc… but – for some unknown reason – the word “Tribe” just doesn’t do it for me. Kinda Interesting. I’m a Shamaness and all. But – it just… I don’t know. I think I favor the term: Alliance WAY MORE. Maybe something to work on, explore and discover later on. But the gist – I wanna utilize my energies to build a powerful Supernal Alliance. However, that calls for all the beautiful and essential tools to make that happen.

Well, after much diligent deliberation – I have discovered a few platforms that I feel will truly enhance this podcast ‘sitchi-a-tion’… not to mention Buzzsprout – the online podcast platform that I utilize to get this cast out to everyone - offered an entire line-up of super-useful ways in their own system to assist me in getting that done. I’m kinda luv’n their constant work to upgrade the way of doing their own business - so… Thank You Buzzsprout...! By the way… I think this might be an awesome opportunity to plug in the fact that if you listen to this and so choose to go the Beautiful Buzzsprout way in getting your own podcast goin’ – I am able to get you and myself a bit of a bonus if you choose my affiliate link. Now, how’s That for an awesome Win-Win scenario? Well, lemme just go in on that for a sec… 



 So if YOU choose to join over a hundred thousand podcasters already using Buzzsprout to get their message out to the world PLEASE understand what extras you gone’ get:

This Buzzsprout team is passionate about helping you succeed.
 And honestly podcasting just isn’t hard when you have the right partners.
 Buzzsprout gets your show listed in every major podcast platform.
 You can start with some gear that you already have, and a quiet space.
But - if you want to upgrade, Buzzsprout has tons of guides to help you find the right equipment at the right price.
 You’ll get a great looking podcast website, audio players that you can drop into other websites, detailed analytics to see how people are listening, tools to promote your episodes, - oh my gosh - and so much more.

To top all that off – all YOU gotta do is follow the link in my  show notes to let Buzzsprout know who sent ya… and if you sign up for a paid plan with them you get a $20 Amazon gift card.   See what I’m talking bout… it’s just a lovely Win-Win.

Aiight – so… I’ve delivered the ‘T’ on Buzzsprout… 
 let’s get back to The IAYAAVERSE.


SO - my diligent deliberation helped me understand the necessity to create and utilize some 3rd Party Resources that will help me establish a powerful and active Supernal Alliance. 
 How is that done?
 Well, I feel interaction is a super necessary thing for us.
 Therefore, I have opened up a free call line for you to share with me your thoughts on things. I love this because what is a good High Priestess and Master Teacher without the helpful input of those who support the overall mission? I mean – it’s a two-way street. I need to learn from YOU just as you me you learn from me. I want to gain metaphysical delish via your own JuJu the same way you’ll benefit from mine. And – oh my goodness – just the overall balance that consideration of your own perspectives will afford me is simply priceless. So I will get that by employing a Google Voice phone line which is… wait for it- wait for it…. 
Again, that is 1-678-88-E.T.H.E.R.  
OMG- Don’t you love that…?! (((lol))) 
And of course that lovely number numerically translates to: 1-678-883-8437. 
But I just think 678-88-ETHER is soooo metaphysically easy to remember! 
 Which is why I chose it. 
 So that’s UPGRADE TOOL #1 to assist us in having a Better Way of connecting. 

That of course kinda leads me to point #4 – 
 which is giving you info and an explanation as to: 
 Why I have chosen to offer additional Premium Podcasts

Thus UPGRADE TOOL #2 is the creation of my new PodFan account.
 Now, I know- I Know. I just got finished speaking about the Buzzsprout platform and the Google Voice Number and here I go talking about yet another virtual program… but – these things are just gonna make it happen, Captain.
 What I mean by that is – 
 PodFan will actually enable me to receive more love and support from you and enable YOU to receive more love and support from me… Can you tell I’m ALL bout that Balance…? It’s All about that Beautiful ‘Win-Win’.  

 So PodFan will give me the option of receiving Love Donations for my LifeWork… and enjoy the energetic exchange of financial contributions for the Metaphysical & Magickal Content & Courses that I offer YOU. And, of course, that leads me to breaking down the fact that – although I most definitely plan on offering a random gambit of info on various things pertaining to Magick & Metaphysics – there’s a Lot more that I can offer in terms of extensive and exclusive content. I realize the full 411 on these things is not really always for everyone. So this Extensive Stuff is NOT for those who don’t find such great value in learning a bit more by way of a more detailed breakdown on things. And that’s fine of course. But I’m not trying to leave anyone out. I’m also wanting to be justly supported for all the time and energy it may take in delivering that Beautiful Breakdown. Hence the logical reason why I now will offer additional Premium Podcasts. And for all those who have a thirst for the lovely MetaMagick Stuff I bring – PodFan is the Way.
 If you’re interested - you can check out the link listed in the shownotes to get there... But the link is pretty easy  to remember:
 which is an acronym that stands for: I Am You Are And Love IS
 yeah - that’s my name. 

Aiiight - 
 so that covers point #4 as to: 
 Why I’ve chosen to offer additional Premium Podcasts


Let’s move on to Point #5…
The new News about my upcoming courses on Metaphysics& Magick.

Now maybe it was confusing – I pray to The Most Hight it was NOT!
However all that previous info was about additional Content that you may choose to get.   –Right? 
 But – hold up- Hold Up. 
 …wait – there’s More. 

THIS next gifting is All about,when given your permission, me being your Metaphysical Teacher and Coach to serve You by way of offering Extensive Courses – complete with magickal Prescriptions, Challenges, and Tools supporting your spiritual growth.

Therefore this particular realm of The IAYAAVERSE easily welcomes all who choose to be students and practitioners of The Great Work. And The Great Work – what is that? Well – to put it really simply –  The Great Work is the intention to manifest in life by way of The Higher Self. It is a devoted focus to constantly seek ways to grow spiritually. 

So – THIS is for all my fellow Supernal Luminaries, Wise Women, Metaphysicians, High Magicians, Anointed and Intuitively Gifted, Indigenous Healing Artists, Alternative Healing Practitioners, Certified and Licensed Holistic Practitioners, Spiritually and/or Independently Ordained Ministers, Energy Workers, Reiki and RaSekhi Practitioners, Deeksha One-ness Blessing Givers, Yogis, and all Higher Self-Initiated Devotees unto the Love and Life Principles of The Most High.

Yes – of course, this is about me genuinely answering the Calling from SPIRIT to provide a Sacred Space and Virtual Temple for Self-Initiation. However, overall - this is the opportunity for YOU to gain extensive studies in the Spiritual Sciences. It is a DIY way to gain the virtual shamanic apprenticeship many of you seek.

THIS aspect of The IAYAAVERSE are for those who choose a true commitment to work on growing spiritually. These series of content and courses are designed to appeal to those that have an invested appreciation for the Intuitive and Oracular Arts. This is for those who are excited to become knowledgeable of spiritual sciences and skilled in everyday magick by way of a dedicated focus to learn and practice. Again, THIS Self-Initiation oriented, DIY Way of Spiritual Training basically provides a Sacred Space and Virtual Temple for Self-Initiation… Available On-Demand… accessible Whenever… thus providing a Magickal Treasury – a Metaphysical Grimoire – and Ultimately an essential and practical guide in the spiritual sciences with specialization in the practices of the Intuitive and Oracular Arts. But – the overall Beautiful thing about it is – this learning is virtual. So it’s where and when you choose. With the ball in your court like that, a lot of this is honestly Totally up to YOU.


And – yeah… That’s THAT.
 You have now officially been hipped to EveryThang.

Wait – well… 

Everything except for the plans regarding my next casts.
 So PLEASE be sure to stay tuned.
 If you choose to keep connected with me –
 honie, you
know I’m gonna gift you with the same lovely variety of my random metaphysical delish.  I’m definitely prioritizing my plans to cast plenty of Shamanic Intuitive Readings to guide us this Fall.

And – yeah… that’s pretty much it -
...with the exception of THANKING YOU of course for your patience and continual support while I worked on re-integrating and re-aligning – and – y’know – getting my
shyte together.  So – yeah… THANK YOU.
And – 
‘til you hear from me again… 
Infinite Love & Light… 
Eternal Supernal

-          IAYAALIS