June 23, 2020

014 - Divination / Intuitive Reading for Summer 2020 - 1

014 - Divination / Intuitive Reading for Summer 2020 - 1

And - Voilà...!
I come upon the scene once again to metaphysically Deliver.

At this time I present yet another compelling series of Intuitive Readings.
This first part features a casting of the
Metu Neter.
This is a divination system created by Ra Un Nefer Amen which features the science of Kemet or Ancient Egypt. 

Also, be certain to stay tuned as I will drop spiritual sci and offer my personal interpretations on things as I cast via a variety of oracular systems (including my very own) in order to gain guidance for us All this Summer.
Honestly, I just feel these Intuitive Readings will ultimately prove to be of great value for my fellow Supernal Luminaries out there - as it Most Definitely seems we have much magick to tend to these days...!


*Supernal Love & Light *

- IAYAALIS Kali-Ma'at Eloai


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